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Poni's setup

Inviting Poni

The first step of course is inviting Poni into your Discord server. You can do so by clicking here and selecting your server from the list. No permissions need to be adjusted as they have been configured to serve all of Poni's needs in managing your Discord server.

Executing setup

Before you run through setup, make sure that you have the following channels created:

  • A channel for logging events
  • A channel for new member messages

Once this has been done, simply run the -setup command in any channel the bot can read, write and embed to. Poni should respond asking you if you want to continue. Vaid responses include yes or no. Keep in mind when responding to Poni, you can use plaintext therefore no prefix should be required as shown here.

Poni will respond to your answer with it's first question.

Welcome messages

At this point, Poni will ask for your welcome channel. You can provide an answer to this by either stating the channels numeric ID or tagging it by typing its name trailing the channel prefix #. EG #general. If you do not want Poni to produce Welcome and Goodbye messages, you may type -silence after the setup has completed.


Next, you will be asked where Poni should send its logs to. We recommend a channel only server Staff members can see. The response required is the same as the previous step, as pictured below.

Deleted message logs

You will now be asked if you would like any deleted user messages to be sent to the logs channel. This function exists so Staff can moderate chat, even when people try to hide it. This is to be responded to with a yes or no as pictured below.

Need any extra help?

Feel free to join our support server for 24/7 friendly advice. Be sure to check out the #FAQ of the server first before tagging support. You can join the support server here