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Agree setup


Poni's agree system is a simple yet powerful way to prevent raids and stop people at the front door. In reality all that occurs is a role is applied to a user but by doing this those who have no time for your server or people who speak languages not intended for your server will be deterred from entering. This doesn't require visiting any external websites and is contained entirely within the Discord platform.

Limiting @everyone

To make sure this works as intended, we will need to make sure the @everyone role has no read or write permissions by default as pictured below. This is done to keep them from accessing core parts of the server and forcing them to pass through our agree channel.

Modifying Member

Now we need to provide those permissions back through the Member role as pictured below. This will be the base role for new members of the server so configure this wisely.

Creating the agree channel and setting permissions

To create a new channel, right click and select Create Channel. Give it an appropiate name and click Create Channel as pictured below.

Once the channel exists, click the edit channel option besides it. From here, enter the Permissions section. Here we can apply the needed permission rules for this channel. Enable permission for users with the @everyone role to Read Messages, Send Messages and Read Message History as pictured below. Repeat and apply to all channels you believe new members should see EG: rules.

Next, click the small plus icon and select our Member role. We now need to do the opposite by denying the Member role access to Read Messages, Send Messages and Read Message History as pictured below.

Greeting message

New members need to somehow be made aware of the fact they need to type -agree to gain access to the rest of the server. An easy way to do this is with embed. Let's create one with Poni. The base embed command is executed by typing the following.


-embed your text here

A more in depth version exists called rembed and follows the same syntax although you can customise the colour and thumbnail in post.


Invite a friend and ask for them to execute the -agree command. If all goes well, they should recieve the Member role.