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The poni points system


To help the bot overall we have implemented a system for rewarding you for voting for the bot at are discord bots list page here by voting you support the bots future and earn points that you can use for the store and gambling with the bot.


The points system has gone through a ton of changes in poni v4.6 in order to give more insentive to vote for us on discord bots list. With points you can do many different things. Like the server wide lottery, the ability to pay your friends and the ability to play, last but not least we added a server specific store system for each server for people to buy things with there poni points.

The commands.

The points command allows you to check how many points you have earned by voting etc.


Our lottery is a draw that is usually hosted daily. Tickets can be purchased for 5 points each and the payout is usually 100 points. The lottery has 2 commands

-lottery - The following command allows you to check the status of the lottery.

-lottery enter - This command is used to enter the lottery.

The pay command allows you to pay your friends amounts of points.

-pay Example: -pay @user amount

The slots command allows you to gamble your points for a random amount of points or possibly lossed points


We now have a fully functional store! Staff members can setup a store to sell digital or physical items in exchange for points! The profits will be paid directly into the server owners account so they can pay their staff if desired.

-store The store command allows one to view all the items available in the store.

-store buy itemID This command allows you to buy a itom from the store with your points.

-create_item Adds a item to the store. (Staff only)

-rmitem Removes a item from the store based on its id. (Staff only)